Caroline and Tanya are both mothers and philanthropists. Their respective experiences inspired them to join forces and create Mothersphere, an empowering platform for mothers that is inclusive, informative and supportive. Mothersphere is a social network of like-minded mothers, inspiring purposeful activities outside the household and promoting maternal wellbeing. By enabling mothers to take control of their destiny, they are creating a social change for mothers worldwide.


Caroline Desmarais

Caroline Desmarais is originally from Montreal, Canada and has lived and worked in several countries, including Bermuda, Italy, Spain, the United States and Australia. She currently lives in London, England with her husband and two children. She is an Executive Life Coach and Certified Meditation Teacher. Caroline’s career background is in technology, media and television. She was the CEO of a technology start-up in Montreal, and was subsequently the Chief Development Officer of Bermuda Press Holdings, a publicly traded Media company in Bermuda. Caroline has hosted shows both on television and online. She has a Philosophy degree from Skidmore College and a Law degree from the University of Ottawa. When her daughter was only a baby Caroline went through a divorce, and she had to learn how to juggle the demands of her career with being a single mother. She realised how many other women are in similar situations, often without the resources required to make a change. Caroline is passionate about helping mothers to find ways of embracing motherhood, achieving their goals and fulfilling their purpose.


Tanya Candy

Tanya Candy is a mentor, speaker, entrepreneur and philanthropist. She lives in London with her husband and son.
After completing her BA in Comparative Literature Studies, she worked for her family businesses which are in the property and yacht charter industries. She then went on to pursue her passions for fashion and presenting. She worked her way up the leading brand-building global agency Karla Otto, becoming a high fashion brand and VIP liaison and events manager. Alongside this, she hosted and interviewed celebrities and entrepreneurs on location in London and Monaco, inclusive of the World Music Awards. With her enthusiasm for strategising and innovative thinking, she decided to invest in properties and founded meaningful businesses. Simultaneously, she organises charity events and fundraisers.

Three years ago, Tanya had a traumatic birth with her twins which resulted in them being born 15 weeks prematurely. Her daughter did not survive the birth and her son was born weighing just one pound, causing him to spend the first few months of his life fighting to survive in the neonatal unit. In the face of adversity she found strength in engaging with other mothers and made it her mission to make a considerable difference in society by inspiring mothers to connect and support each other. Based on this and her drive to empower women, Tanya went on to speak publicly at events and online. She mentors women who are struggling with poor mental health, baby loss and the rollercoaster journey of having a premature child. Tanya encourages others to put their wellness and purpose at the forefront of their lives. She reminds them that they are not alone in their journey and that there is always light after darkness.